TWO HUNDRED: A Lifetime of Stories in Two Hundred Lines


I burned the dolls even though my children cried.

They did not understand my fear as they assumed I moved the dolls into their beds each night.

It was another day at work when the endless toils of emailing had got onto our nerves. That was when we started talking about writing a book, something we both had in common as she had been planning on for some time too. As we discussed the genres and the fan base, she told me about publishing an eBook, of terribly tiny tales.

She was my boss then- Mansi Laus Deo, the bulldozing strategist who gave me sleepless nights (laughs).

Two Hundred by Yuimi Vashum and Mansi Laus Deo
The gorgeous little Mansi Laus Deo in the middle :)

So, I wanted in. She agreed. And that was how TWO HUNDRED came into being after 9 long months.

(With WiseCalvin behind me now, Mansi has become a very good friend of mine. All due credits to her for the efforts put into designing the eBook.)

This small book is crowdsourced with spine-chilling stories (mostly), some that will tickle your funny bones or even tease your emotions.

Two Hundred by Yuimi Vashum Mansi Laus Deo

  Click HERE to Download TWO HUNDRED

We have absolutely no copyright over the stories as they were strewn all over the internet. We merely just handpicked them so that you could kill your time and enjoy over a cup of coffee.

As you get into the book, you will have the feels of “Paranormal Activity“, like-

A girl heard her mom yell her name from downstairs, so she got up and started to head down.

As she got to the stairs, her mom pulled her to her room and said, “I heard that too!”

two hundred yuimi vashum mansi laus deo2

Also some “Devdas” moment, such as-

She approached me slowly and sat next to me.

I can see her crying while she places a rose next to my grave.

two hundred yuimi vashum mansi laus deo 1

And of course, the LOL time too!

“Many more massacres in anticipation as the usage of mass-murdering weapons flourishes unquestioned.”

Thus, went the headlines of the Mosquito Central.

two hundred yuimi vashum mansi laus deo3

Now, let me stop being a spoilt sport. Do download the eBook and have a great time! Don’t forget to share this post and spread the word.

Click HERE to Download TWO HUNDRED   Click HERE to Download TWO HUNDRED

Trust me, it is going to be a time well wasted (aha!). So, till the next story on the blog surfaces, take care.

[PS: Mansi is an amazing blogger. So do not forget to drop by her blog- A Nosh Of Life.]

Your storyteller from Ukhrul-Manipur. Hello from the cold mountains :)

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